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New Sports Catalog!

Sup penguins? There is a new catalog: The Sports Catalog in the sports shop. I love the items in it! There are Surfboards, Wakeboards, Tennis Rackets, and even Baseball Caps. There is one secret in the new catalog.

How to get the Silver Surfboard: First, go to the page with the Surfboards in it. You will see a penguin holding the Flame Surfboard click on the penguin and the surfboard will change to the Daisy Surfboard. Then, click the Starfish and the Shell on the sand that the penguin is standing on. The Daisy Surfboard will change to the Silver Surfboard!

There is a new pin too! It’s a Baseball and it’s in the Boiler Room.


Keep Chillin!



7 Responses to “New Sports Catalog!”

  1. gee
    i really needed it cause everyone was asking me
    how did u get it

  2. u forgot to mention that the silver surfboard goes faster than the rest and i got 11 flips in one jump

  3. i hav both sufboards and im gunna get the silvr soon and i wanna get both wake boards. thx 4 tellin me how 2 get da silve.

  4. spike you know a lot of secrets(a lot!)and cheats and hacks(a lot!)
    i think your more famous then chewitdude and piantboy100 i think your the most famous person in cp histoory
    -your friend destory25
    piece out! 8)

  5. yello spike
    can you please remove me from your site as an admin? cause i had an admin contest, and this guy keeps on bugging me about adding him as an admin! its really really really annoying, and thats all he evercomments about, so, i said id add him if you coud remove me
    visit http://icyfire14.wordpress.com/

  6. spike im bak from vacation it was kewl

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