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I’m Back!

Sup penguins! I’m back from vacation! Vacation was fun, but I kept wondering what happened on Club Penguin. Thanks Beany for updating my site, and getting me all the free items on Club Penguin while I was gone. You did and awesome job Beany! Thanks again!

Keep Chillin!



8 Responses to “I’m Back!”

  1. spike i would like to talk to you, plz go on aim more often

  2. hey spike i need to talk to ya next time u r on bribble

  3. glad to see ur back!
    although it was fun updating ur site!

    p.s how was the cruise my friend?

  4. kool ur bak just to let ppl know i can still go on cp wen im on vacation cuz the hotel has wi fi conection and my dad is bringing the laptop

  5. hey spike glad to hear your back man!! i cant wait for the 150,000 hits party by the way! also email me i wana meet you on cp some time soon! cya man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. glad to see your back dude!
    all o us hope you had a cool vacation! 🙂 8) 😉
    your friend:Destory25

  7. p.s.i though that beany hack your place so if you see my name that says beanys nightmare i forgot to change it lol!

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