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Tipping the iceberg, and Ninjas

I think tipping the iceberg, and ninjas are NOT real. Although, when you go to www.clubpenguin.com  and press the N on nightclub, the penguin on the side turns into a ninja. If you have tipped the iceberg, believe tipping the iceberg is real, became a ninja (not using cp trainer), or believe that you can become a ninja, I would like to hear from you.


45 Responses to “Tipping the iceberg, and Ninjas”

  1. Here’s another secret:
    If you wave your mouse over the door of the coffee shop in http://www.clubpenguin.com , a penguin will come out of it

  2. and when you go to club penguin help you can click the gift shop and the coffee shop.also if you press them at the same time and they are close the will say hello!

  3. thank you for coming at http://www.spike6061.wordpress.com and thank you!

  4. i need to get more coins fast! somehow?

  5. Spike6061, you are soooooooooo cool! But i still belive that tipping the ice burg is real!

  6. Hey Spike your site really rocks!!! I like your background and many ideas thatS really cool!

    hey and visit http://www.pinko599.wordpress.com today!

    wAddlE pAddlE…

    Spike6061’s Comment:

  7. i am the club penguin ninja ill be on mammoth 2marrow at 5:00 in the dojo

  8. If u want to be a member for free go to http://www.google.com search free club penguin and sign every petition that comes up. If we get enough u and more penguins will get free membership!!! Plz sign every1! And if u are a member u won’t have to play so much for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So PLZ sign every1
    thanks a lot!!!!!!!

    we need ur help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    spike6061 can u sign some too? PLZ? thx!
    Spike6061’s Comment:
    I already did sign some, but Daughtry417 is right! PLZ SIGN SOME PETITIONS! It will cause club penguin 2 have free membership! PLZ SIGN SOME!

  9. I think that tipping the iceburg isnt real, but do think you can become a ninja, i heard that ninja stuff are coming 2007/2008.
    cool site bye bye

  10. I know how to be a ninja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i heard rumord that you have to be 310 days or older and go to the dojo. Once in the dojo, find a nice spot to stand on. you may not move, talk, or do anything else, exept spin around in place. after ABOUT thirty minutes 2 ninjas will appear and will ask if u wanna be a ninja. YOU HAVE TO REPLY QUICKLY!!!!!!!!

  11. U ROCK SO LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey i’m trying the ninja thing i am333 days old if it works ill let u know

  13. no it didn’t works

  14. :mrgreen:

  15. GUYS AMAZIN NEWS ABOUT NINJAS.wen i went 2 the news not the 1 in clubpenguin but the wats new and up on the northwest side of the play.clubpenguin.com clik on news then clik on august 2005 then there will say a quistion about ninjas and rsnail will say there will be ninjas

  16. o i forgot i mean the news that u see wen ur not playing clubpenguin

  17. i will try it a gain i just saw how i screwed up

  18. Hey guys I know somfin’ on club penguin ice fishing. If u catch

    6 fish the Jellyfish cum on
    20 fish the sharks cum
    38 fish the crabs cum on
    On u’r 60th fish hold on to it ’til the next fish cums and so on ’til the big fish cums the clip is funny. 😉

  19. spike on youtube i couldn’t believe with my own eyes but i saw 1 penguin on the ice berg then drill in the middle for a few minutes then it tipped and i saw a picture of aunt arctic pop up and it said you have successfully tipped the ice berg click here to claim your reward. i also saw another video where the guy did not show you how he tipped it he just showed what happened. aND THE SAME THING HAPPENED!!!!!!!! spike go on youtube and search tipping the ice berg some videos it happens some it doesn’t.

  20. Regarding free membership petitions-

    I think it’s great. I’ve signed a lot myself. But I think people are going about it the wrong way. You can’t just ask Club Penguin to create free membership. It’s like asking the little kid down the street who gives you free water but charges you for lemonade to not make you pay.

    Instead of asking them to demolish paying membership you should give them ideas for sponserships. You could even send mail to companies and ask them if they would sponser Club Penguin. If Club Penguin can get sponsers, they won’t make you pay. Now, the thing is, is that parents like the ‘no sponser’ thing. It keeps their kids away from ads they would be exposed to on places like neopets. So the companies you should ask should be carefully selected. Try Danimals for kids, Disney, Cartoon Network, and other safe, maybe healthy food, companies that wont advertize a free laptop. You have to give them good reasons, and even send mail to Club Penguin. If the companies sponser CP, CP can make merchendise and sell them with their ads on the cover. The company’s ads could be displayed in places like the catalog, or in the corner on the website. There are many different ways.

    Just ASKING Club Penguin won’t work. The parents enjoy it and they get their money. You have to make every side happy. The parents get a safe CP with ads from compaines that are toys, not cell phones. Club Penguin gets money from the companies and will even get more people and fame. The kids get to have the freedom a paying membership would. And the companies get money from the people who are suckered into buying the things they advertize.

  21. spike i stand corrected about the tipping the ice berg thing turns out that was just animation and the club penguin support team said it is impossible to tip the ice berg. but they told my friend about the ninjas and said they are real but they had a few glitches with them so nobody can be a ninja anymore but eventually penguins like you and me will become ninjas someday

  22. hi spike here is a website about ninjas and i think girl who made this site is in love with being a ninja so visit the site and let me know if you believe anything she or he says. http://www.dominiksakoski.wordpress.com

  23. I do think you can become a ninja because one day i was looking at the club penguin websit and found this look at this link http://blog.clubpenguin.com/archives/2005_08_01_archive.html look down the page an should say about ninjas
    RAndom MoJo
    Spike6061’s Comment:
    You are right! I think CP hasn’t launched it yet though.


  25. spike if you sit down in the dojo for like an hour ninja wil appear but tht is just a glitch becuz the modz told my friend that they had to delete the ninjas becuz there were to many glitches so they had to delete them and start from scratch but eventually we all might becom ninjas eventually

  26. I believe in both becoming a nija and tipping the ice berg, but I don’t think either will happen to me!!!

  27. lost clubpenguin is this way:br:

  28. i agree with spike on al the topics and how do u show ur picture?

  29. ninja do exist this is what rsnail said:Where is the ninja?
    That is a secret that can not be revealed until we launch. There will be a ninjas, but it will be more difficult to become a ninja and will involve the secret room. For now, just make your penguin black and pretend.i told you!
    waddle on;)

  30. i have tiped the ice burg and got 10,000 coins!!!

  31. i don’t think tipping the ice burg is real.All of the videos are fake.I even try some of the glitches like wait 30 minutes.Every 9 minute say something.Then the ninjas will come out.I don’t belive it.I looked at all of the websites.How to be a ninja.I think the only ways to do it is to hack.Most of the websites says that

  32. tipping the iceberg cant be real bcause it is an IMAGE i dont think you can tip and image do you? in the cp before they updated it you could zoom in. I zoomed in on the iceberg and guess what? IT WAS BLURRY that means it is an image since the things wigh you can do stuff to, like the bags of beans in the coffee shop, or opening doors in buildings are not blurry, therefore the iceberg is an image you cant tip.
    Becoming a ninja is impossible until maybe 2008 or 2009 or, if we are lucky, the end of 2007 until now, its impossible, the only way is with hacking and i dont really think that’s a nice way to go.
    xx abby xx
    click http://abby97roxy.wordpress.com or click my name!
    .PS. sorry about the long comment, i like to state my reason clearly LOL.

  33. If u want to be a member for free go to http://www.google.com search free club penguin and sign every petition that comes up. If we get enough u and more penguins will get free membership!!! Plz sign every1! And if u are a member u won’t have to play so much for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So PLZ sign every1
    thanks a lot!!!!!!!

    we need ur help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    spike6061 can u sign some too? PLZ? thx!
    Spike6061’s Comment:
    I already did sign some, but Daughtry417 is right! PLZ SIGN SOME PETITIONS! It will cause club penguin 2 have free membership! PLZ SIGN SOME!
    Guys, if you free Club Penguin, how are they supposed to make money? If they don’t have money, they can’t run Club Penguin! They have to pay the employees, and pay for the Club Penguin server, and electricity in the CP HQ, they will have to Shut Down CP if they don’t have money!

  34. actually cp gets paid by how much people join for eample one penguin is one dollars and thats how they get paid

  35. WELL THE NINJAS PART IS RIGHT, BECAUSE WHEN YOU GO TO http://www.clubpenguin.com you click on the big penguin it changes clothes, right. so click on the “N” of the night club and he turns into a ninja, the mask and everything.

  36. theres a problem:

    i dont even know wats tipping the ice berg

  37. You should not hack becuase its possible to go to jail for hacking.if you go to jail its not anyones falt but yours.happy to help:)

  38. me n my buddies r trying to tip it now!on server frozen we all believe in it!

  39. Tipping the ice boog is true you idiots!

  40. No fair
    sorry lol
    i am just joshin u r not an idiot jkjk

  41. oo to the eee the ooo the ah ah to the tingto the tang the walalabing bang. oo the eee the oooooo the aaa aaa ting tang wala bing baaang


  43. wssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  44. Ninjas will come back i know that told me 1 look in the news and look at penguin times you mite find something about ninjas but this is how 1 go in dojo and wait 30 mins and talk so you wont log off and say yes when ninjas pop up! and click on them and there you go!

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