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Sup penguins? Wanna spinnie? Just comment what your usernames is, what clothes you want, what backround you want (shown below), if you want the spinnie inverted (means be the opposite color) and I’ll make a spinnie for you!

Avaliable bacrounds:


Surfboard backround (Option: inverted)


Pineapples (Options: invert or no invert)


Hockey Backround (Options: invert or no invert)




Keep Chillin!



38 Responses to “Spinnies!!!!!!”

  1. Hey first comment i would like black hoodie puffle bandana electric guitar black glasses (secret agent ones) and black sneakers
    text eminemshomy
    backround: surfboards inverted

  2. me
    name spikey700
    clothes black sunglasses and backpack
    colour orange
    background surf boards


  3. Yay, second comment. Ill wear viking gang outfit with inverted hockey background

  4. i’ll have viking out fit with pinapple background – text will be Phillymaster Rules

  5. i will wear the viking gang outfit to with the hockey background not inverted Plz!!!!!!!!!!! thx so much!!!!!

  6. i want a spinnie w/ the hockey bakround. i will wear night vision goggles, the bloo vikin helmet, i love my puffle shrt, and rubbr boots

  7. Ok me making the spinnie isent working for me. So make me a spinnie.

    Name: Birshi

    Backround:Hockey Inverted

    Clothes:Black Puffle bandanna,Red skin,Whistle,Green Glasses.


  8. beany000
    surfboard bg
    suit and jacket, bowtie, red bandana, dress shoes, wristwatch, and sunglasses plz i really want one!

  9. By the way spike this is off topic but u and happyphilly have won the cp lotto go to my site for details

  10. hi i want two spinnies.

    my username is izy138.
    i want a ghosts costume, a red baseball cap, black shoes, black shaded glasses, a hockeystick, and a red and black backpack.
    I want the pineapple background

    the second one i want the same thing but i want the background to be surfing ok

    thx spike6061 u rock!!!!

  11. blue board shorts puffle bandana green sunglasses black electric guitarand surfboard inverted

  12. head:admiral hat
    face:bule sunglasses
    neck:pearl neckel
    body:ghost sheet
    hand:red guitar
    feet:ice skates
    background:surf board background

  13. hi im snowfire24, a black hoodie, sunglasses, puffle bandanna, and electric guitar plz, on the surfboard background

  14. I want viking outfit with inverted surfboard background

  15. me
    name spikey700
    clothes black sunglasses and backpack
    colour orange
    background surf boards


    cmon plz do it today

  16. can i have hockey backround invert with…
    blue baseball cap
    black hoodie
    blue sneakers
    please fill out this order if your not too busy. So peace

  17. k i want a spinnie srf board backround invert name Stealth2 wearin black black hoodie sunglaases secret angent ones santa hat black shoes

  18. Seet it look sick!

  19. ill wear black hoodie,
    Gold viking helmet,
    black sneakers,
    Night vision goggles,
    and text will be Happy Philly.

  20. Oops, I forgot about background!!!
    ill have a normal pinapple background.

  21. can i have a spinne please p.s. i already made a comment and it was in moderation and then someone deleted!
    head:admiral hat
    face:blue sunglasses
    neck:pearl neckel
    body:ghost sheet
    feet:ice skates:
    background:inverted surfboard background

  22. Can i have pinapple bg no invert
    Black penguin wearing red bandana, suit and jacket, bowtie, dress shoes, silver wristwatch

  23. I want a spinnie please! I want:

    Blue Baseball Cap
    Black Hoodie
    Silver Watch
    3-D Glasses
    Color is Dark Blue

    I want Hockey Background no invert!


  24. can i have the hockey backround and i want to were the hockey stick,the blackhoodie,icescates,blue lei,blue baceballhat,and black shades,and i want to be darkblue,and my name in club penguin is aeagleo12 thanks spike see ya.

  25. Can i have a spinnie please I want:

    Gold viking helmet
    black hoodie
    Sun glasses (Secret agent type)
    Blue sneekers
    Red guitar
    text Rory 290


  26. back ground surfboards

  27. hi i would like pinapples inverted and the gold viking helmet and the black glasses with the clear lenses

  28. Can I have a spinnie plz!!

    Name: Pep Talk
    BG: Pinapples
    Head: Golf Hat
    Face: The clear black glasses
    Neck: Pendant
    Body: Green Dress ( from St. Patricks Day)
    Shoes: Sandles (any type)


  29. Oh yeah I forgot
    Colour: Pink

  30. I WANT A SPINNIE!!!!

  31. Name: Coly98
    Background: Surfboards Inverted
    Hat: Green Hat(From St. Patricks Day)
    Glasses: Goggles(Not The Secret Agent Kind the Ski Goggles)
    Neck: Bandana
    Shirts: The Belt(Even Though It Isnt A Shirt)
    Shoes: I Don’t Want Any

  32. Wait Sorry I Also Wanted My Background To Be A Spinnie Surfboards Invert


  34. tryaggggaim rules is the text

    magisions cape, annivercity hat, black gutair, astro barrier shirt, and the desiner glasses

    island background

  35. never mine about the island background i want the hocky bg

  36. Colour : dark green
    Head: clown hat (multicoulerd one )
    Body : countess dress
    Neck : ruffle collar
    Flippers: wool socks
    Trendy sunglasses
    Name: nadda
    Pineapples background no invert
    Is that ok ,anyway thank u i think the site is soooooo kool and ur doing a great job

  37. cp name:rhysyboy123
    clouves:red electric guitar ,sun glasses,backpack,black hoodie,thesunstriker hair,divers helmet,green flippers,wet suit,scuba tank,drill,helmet,saftey clouves for it
    background:surfboard background not inverted.

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