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As I said in the about me paragraph I know all the secrets in CP (Club Penguin) and here are all of them.


Here are all the secret places on the map. The dojo, the iceberg, and the mine.

Key board shortcuts:


Kewl Clothing Catalog Secrets:

Click on the middle of the Fornal Gown to get the Red Guitar.

Click on the Lifeguard shirt to get the Viking Helmet.

Click on the Scuba Tank to get the Viking Helmet.

Sports Catalog Secrets:How to get the Silver Surfboard: First, go to the page with the Surfboards in it. You will see a penguin holding the Flame Surfboard click on the penguin and the surfboard will change to the Daisy Surfboard. Then, click the Starfish and the Shell on the sand that the penguin is standing on. The Daisy Surfboard will change to the Silver Surfboard!

Furniture catalog secrets:

How to get the throne:


To get the throne, all you have to do is go to the page where the princess throne is and click the word throne in the box where the princess throne is.

Igloo Catalog Secrets:

You can get the Secret Stone Igloo, Deluxe Secret Stone Igloo, and the Snow Globe in the Igloo Catalog.

How to get the Deluxe Secret Stone Igloo: To get the Deluxe Secret Stone Igloo, just click the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo.

How to get the Secret Stone Igloo: Click the upper right hand corner of the Floor Removal page.

How to get the Snow Globe Igloo: To get the Snow Globe Igloo, just click every snow you see in the catalog, and then go to the page with the Basic Igloo on it and click the window of the Basic Igloo.

Game secrets:

How to get easy money without hacking:

The easiest way to get coins without hacking is going to cart surfer. When you press start, press the spacebar and the left or right arrow key, this will give you 80 points. After this trick is performed, hold down the down arrow key for about a second, then press spacebar, this will give you 100 points. To grind, you gotta hold down the down arrow key, and then depending on the turn, press the left or right arrow key. If you do the tricks on and on until the turns, and grind, you will get around 400 coins.

How to get 1000 coins in Jet Pack Adventure:

To get 1000 coins in Jet Pack Adventure, you have to dodge all the coins, and not get any coins for extra fuel. At the end, if you complete level 5 without getting ANY coins, you will get 1000 coins.

How to get extra coins in thin ice:


 To get extra money in thin ice, first you have to position yourself just like in the pic.


After you postition yourself just like in the pic, just simpily walk through the block, and find your way down to the switch.


After you have found your way to the switch, just walk into it and all the blocks will dissapear, and then depending on how many points you have, you will see moneybags. For ex. if you have more points, you will see more moneybags.

How to get to a high level in astro barrier without playing:

To get to a high level without playing all you gotta do is press 1, 2, or 3. If you press 1, you will go to level 10. If you press 2, you will go to level 20. If you press 3, you will go to level 30.

Pizzatron 3000 how to make a candy pizza and get extra money:

To do this, all you gotta do is click the switch before you begin playing. Here are some pix:



If you click on the switch, you can make a candy pizza like this:


Chocolate, frosting, sprinkles, twizzlers, chocolate chips, marshmallows, jelly beans, and EXTRA COINS!!!!!!

Cheat found out by: Destory25, and Spike6061

Newspaper secrets:

How to have Aunt Arctic have sun glasses:

Go to the Aunt Arctic page, and when you see the little pic of her, hover your cusor over her glasses, and they turn itno sun glasses!

How to not be seen in club penguin:

To not be seen in club penguin, you must go to the mine. Then, you put click on the bottom right hand corner of the mine, and nobody can see you.



How to get your puffle’s bars all full:

1. Have your puffle go to sleep

2. Have your puffle take a bath

3. Feed your puffle the puffle food

Your puffle should have full rest, health, and energy.

Hope you like the secrets!

Waddle On!



58 Responses to “Secrets”

  1. yea really kewl secrets

  2. I told u i know a lot of secrets, and i didn’t lie



  4. Nice sight Dude! 😆

  5. Could somone please help me by telling me where to get the pink hoodie?

  6. You cannot get a pink hoodie right now, only a purple 1.

  7. the pink hoddies was long time ago

  8. u ar awesome spike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. please more cheats soon for coins.

    Spike6061’s comment: Well, there are all the cheats you need in the CPSCT page. All you have to do is E-Mail me with all the cheats you know to get into that page.

  10. Yo, your site rocks!

    Spike6061’s comment:
    Thank You!

  11. toot! hey what so do you recommend any hacking software?

  12. I totally recomend wpe pro. You can see cheats and stuff at the CPSCT Cheats page.

  13. i now a nother way to be unseen you go to doch and go behing the far right pole!!

  14. can you get a secret split stone igloo????!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nope sorry, don’t know how to do that.

  16. Can you get coin cheats without wpe pro

  17. heyyyyyyy spike! Your website is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  18. Thx. Shipreck27 you can’t get 999 coins per second without cheating.

  19. This is the best site I have ever seen. Keep up the good work!

  20. hey,for the pizzatron thing….weres the switch?

    Spike6061’s Comment:
    At the bottom of the machine, right by where is says start.

  21. those are sa-weet! especially the candy pizza one! except for the jet pack one, do you have to have no extra fuel?

  22. i know all these!! But your site is awesome.

  23. Sweet

  24. Hey,
    You are great!
    I really love the cheats!

  25. I dont think i could give you any cheats you already. We should call you “Master Cheat”! Keep on finding cheats spike!!!!

  26. spike another way of getting puffles at full health is by making it play rest then feed or give it a bath then feed it. i will try to find more secrets dude if i can.

  27. all those are cool secrets see ya!!!

  28. tight tight cool secrets dogg thanks alot man

    thanks agin dude my name is SoCal07 cs on cp so just hit me up on ur buddy list if u want dude

  29. here is a cool thing so you get good money without cheats! Go onto cart surfer and then the only moves u should do r is the grind, backflip and spin jump and you can get up to 500coins almost everytime

    ps. you must practice and get skill

  30. guys here is a secret for the new surfing game, if you are in the wave and you do moves worth 20 points keep doing those moves then the score you get will fly up high at llight speed it goes up so fast!!!!!!!! believe me 😉


    PARTY LIKE A rock STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    green commander of (WHATEVER YOU WHAT HERE)

  32. how do i put this delicately….

    UR WEBSITE IZ AWESUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i visit this place regularly and i am a big fan!!!!

    so post my coments and i will luv u 4ever man!

  33. i cant belive u! i thot u couls actually b my frend but u deleeted me after the 1st few minits. i meen, eminemshomie is still my frend. heez the only 1 hoo carez about us little penguins (i think). i know, i know, this probably wont b posted. if u hav a good reeson we shouldent b buddies post this comment and reply as soon as u can. i belived in u, spike, i did.
    the pengui from across the road,
    Spike6061’s Comment:
    Uhh, check the bottom of your buddy list. It’s in alphabetical order! You’ll see me. I logged off in the first few minutes that we were buddies.

  34. your website totally rocks but it gets annoying wit people following you asking how to get it.


  35. another way to get alot of money is to play survival surfing and dodge all the icebergs. Go as long as u can without messing up but wjile ur going press the right arrow key rapidly (u get 10 points every time. The most ive ever gotten was 1599 coins off it

  36. This stuff is cool! Soon I will have a blog. It will be updated in about 2 weeks. It is http://2badpenguin.wordpress.com I will tell you when it is updated!

  37. Can you add more to your websie?


  39. Is it because soon I will have a website?

  40. By the way, Pucalicious, Eminemshomiw wouldn’t be my buddy!

  41. I meant to put an e not a w!

  42. Spike6061, I really want to be your buddy!

  43. spike i know one secret glitch that you dont know first go to the coffee shop and go book room to the bottom left corner and before you get there click on the stairs again and open thbook rockhopper and the stowaway and flip through the entire book to the place where you get the rainbow bracelet. And click on it before you get to the stairs and the bracelet should be on the screen every where you go un til you log off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. lol thats neat 😆

  45. these secret they do work thanks and the wpe pro that worked
    to thank spike6061

  46. these secrets r gr8t!

  47. Hey spike,
    Could u tell me when the ghost sheet will come out again!
    I really think it looks cool!
    thanks for the other awsome cheats!!
    And could i be in your viking club i have the blue helmet and the red one but im still looking for the yellow
    Buddy Kanga

  48. Hey spike,
    is there a cheat to get old clothing back.
    by the way the other cheats r GR8!!!

  49. OMG I HAV THE KOOLEST GLITCH (well, 2 really)

    1st one… u half 2 do this very fast. go to the end of the book room. then press the stairs 2 go 2 the coffee shop. quik! open up the pirate book and go 2 the end o’ the book and clik the bracelet but dont say yes! keep it there until u get 2 the coffee shop. the bracelet should b rite there @ the coffee shop!

    2nd one… this ones easy. just finish a sled race so ull c the penguins clappin. clik on the left one two times fast and ur apponent shud flip ovr!


  50. I wnt the black hoodie

  51. This is so cool 🙂

  52. ur great spike. : ) !!!!!!!!!!!

  53. hey spike I’m fireboy9908 on cp please add me to ur buddy list if u see me thks. Ry331 : )

  54. YO. : 0 :{ )

  55. none of them work =[
    im so sick of this non member stuff.
    i have tons of money and cant spent any of it.

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