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Secret Agents

Answers to the secret agent quiz: 1. Honest 2. Being mean or rude 3. Report them 4. Saying their address 5. I want to keep club penguin safe 6. I want to help other penguins

How to do Case Of The Missing Puffles:

 First, talk to Aunt Artic. After you have talked to Aunt Artic, go to the ice rink. Get the photos from the ice rink, and go back to Aunt Artic’s igloo. Give Aunt Artic the photos and go to the pet shop. You will see a note on the puffle house. Click on the note,  pull up the secret code, and decode the secret message, G has blank blank pairs of socks(I can’t tell you because the number of socks G has is different all the time).After you have decoded the message, go to the sport shop, and say how many socks pairs of socks you have decoded to G. Get the life preserver shooter, and go to the ice berg. Once you are at the ice berg, get everyone back safe onto club penguin. After you have saved everyone, go back to the sport shop and get the grappling hook. After you have got the grappling hook, go to the mountain, take out your spy phone, click tools, get the wrench, and fix the telescope with it. Look through the telescope until you see a green puffle flying around (you won’t be able to find the puffles unless you look through the telescope and see the green puffle) after you have saw the green puffle, say you are done looking through the telescope, and go to the tallest mountain. Take out the grappling hook, and hook it to the top of the mountain. You will see the green puffle and the purple puffle, take them back to Aunt Artic’s igloo and recieve the medal of excelence, recieve the letter, and end the mission.

How to do G’s Secret Mission:

First, talk to G, and he will ask you a riddle, the answe to the riddle is mogul. Once you have said the word, G will take the sheet off the sled, take the sled, put it in your inventory, and go to the ski mountain. Take the sled out of your inventory, and put it by the sign that says test drive. Purpously crash because eventually you will crash, and then you will be out in the wilderness. Get the rope, put it in your inventory, and get the survival guide and put it in your inventory. Then, go as far in the direction right as you can. Walk into the place in front of you. In the bush, you will see a ski, put that ski in the same box as the rope. Then go to back to where you were before, and you will see an O’ berry bush. Pick four O’ berrys and put three in one box, and one in with the rope and the ski, this will make a fishing rod. Once you have picked the O’ berrys, in the backround you will see a tree with a pot in it. Shake the tree from the bottom, and put the pot in your inventory. Also in the backround, you will see a tree stump. Go to the tree stump and click the black puffle. All the other puffles will run away, after they do, give the black buffle a O’ berry and he will become your friend. Next, go to the cave which is located at the right side of the tree stump. Once you have gotten to the cave, on the left side, you will see a river. Go to the river, and once you are there, you will see a log. Put the log in your inventory, and go to the left side a little bit. Now, take out the fishing rod. Throw the bait into the river, and soon you will catch a fish. Put the fish into your inventory as well as the fishing rod. Now, take out the pan, and fill it up with water. After you have filled the pan up with water, go to the cave, and this time go in it. When you go inside, you will see a bunch of rocks. Click on a rock, and they will all make a fire pit. Put the log into the fire pit, along with the survival guide. Next, give the black puffle another O’ berry, this will make the fire. Now, put the fish onto the log and click on it to eat it. Then, put the pan onto the log and click on it to drink it. You will go to sleep, and awake by the noise of something outside. It is another secret agent, on a jet pack. He will bring you back to the sport shop, and then recieve the medal, along with the letter, and finish the mission!

Case of the Missing Coins: First, talk to the Green Penguin. Next, go upstairs, and under the sofa you will see a black thing (really the Boot cd)-click on it. Get the “Boot” cd, and the paper clip. Now, go to the computer, and insert the disc. Get the combination number, and go daon stairs. Enter the combination number to the vault and walk inside. Talk to the Green Penguin again, and your phone will ring. It’s G so go to the hq, and talk to G. Watch the video, and ask G for the key to the rooftop. Get the key that has 4 spaces on he top of the key, and 3 spaces on the bottom of the key, and put it in your inventory. Now, go to the roof top, and take out the wrench from your spy phone. Clcik on the power box with it. Now, it will open. Take out the paper clip, and put it in the box. Now, go down stairs and talk o the green penguin. Now, go back to the hq, and talk to G. You can end the mission, or you can do another small mission. If you wanna do the small mission, go to the right of the hq, and you will find a map. Beneath the map will be a desk, and on that desk there is a flash light. Put it in your inventory, and go to the boiler room. Do the little game and end the mission!

How to do Mission 4 Avalanche Rescue:

  1. Talk to G.
  2. Go into the Gadget Room.
  3. Go to the left.
  4. Pick up the Life Preserver Shooter.
  5. Go to the Ski Village.
  6. Pick up the white fur beside the lift.
  7. Go into the Ski Lodge.
  8. Go to the right.
  9. Pick up the Fishing Rod that’s beside the Ice Fishing Game’s door.
  10. Put the Fishing Rod with the Live Preserver Shooter. You have made something! Good for you!
  11. Go to the Sport Shop.
  12. Go to the right.
  13. Click the belt on a winking penguin model.
  14. Go to the Lighthouse.
  15. Go to the right.
  16. Pick up the piece of rope that’s on the boat.
  17. Put that with the Fishing Rod Shooter thing.
  18. Yay! You’ve made a Penguin Rescuer thing!
  19. Go to the Beacon.
  20. Get the Spanner from your Spy Phone.
  21. Unscrew the telescope from the railing.
  22. Put the telescope in your inventory.
  23. Go to the Sport Shop again.
  24. Go into Gary’s Room.
  25. Put the  telescope on the  tripod near a window in Gary’s Room.
  26. Click the telescope.
  27. Memorise the paths that lead to the  penguins.
  28. Go to the Ski Mountain.
  29. Go down Ridge Run.
  30. Go down the paths that you saw in the telescope. Go down the right paths until you get to a broken fence.
  31. Click the Penguin Rescuer on the hole in the fence.
  32. Brake the branch over the right with the Tube.
  33. Pick up the Penguin on the tree first.
  34. Now pick up the penguin on the left.
  35. Now put a penguin back on the tree.
  36. The tree is bent so now you can get to the penguin under the tree.
  37. Pick up the penguin you left on the tree.
  38. Put all three penguins on the edge with the rock on it.
  39. The rock will fall on the sled that the last penguin is stuck in.
  40. Pick up the three penguins on the edge.
  41. Pick up the last penguin that bounced off the sled.
  42. When you rescued all 4 penguins go to the Ski Village.
  43. Talk to the crying brown penguin.
  44. Get the belt you took out of your inventory & click the ski lift.
  45. The belt fixes the ski lift!
  46. The brown penguin is really happy now!
  47. Go to the Ski Hill.
  48. Talk to G.
  49. Give him the white fur.
  50. Get the medal & the Handy Penguin Award. Read the letter (you can’t get the letter because it explodes). Game over.

Avalanche Rescue steps from: http://legoless.wordpress.com

Keep Chillin!



30 Responses to “Secret Agents”

  1. When u finish the missions you get a troghy and/or a letter

  2. Hi when da next misson out dude

    PS:You rock man!!!!!!!!


  4. whens the next mission comeing out

  5. why do we have to learn the secret code? is it linked to the next mission?how is it linked?

  6. YO MAN wens the next mission im dying
    its been so many months and my friends are complaining
    i saw the pics bout is but i want the mission not pics of it

  7. pleeeeeeeeeze tell us wat the mission is about we are all dieing to know about it
    PS i am rocking ur world, big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I finished every mission. When will they make a new one?
    Spike6061’s Comment:
    Not for long, because they just made this one!

  9. i’m kinda new… what is a secret agent and where can i see him?

  10. It’s fun being a secret agent!

  11. i think the 4th mission will be out in 2008

  12. Do you no when da next mission comes out?

    P.S. You are the best penguin in Club Penguin! You rock man!
    Spike6061’s Comment:
    No. I hav no idea when the next mission is comin out.

  13. this stinks they should come out with a new mission every sunday

  14. guys do you know how hard it is to draw all of the scenes think of what penguins can do as missions that could be fun well… the point i am trying to make is it takes a while but eventually the new mission will come out

  15. I done all missions on my first day as a secret agent yah know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. these are the best tips ever i finished all my missions

  17. i totally want a new mission cauzz the rock and the other missions get boring if u do them over and over again

  18. how do you make the animations

  19. The first 3 Missions were SO easy! I got through them without looking at any walk through

  20. i love being a agent


  21. You are so cool! You no the answer too!

  22. Hey! Give me credit for those! Theyre mine! 😡

  23. Dude when is the next mission?

  24. lol i go on club penguin. 😛 i’m a secret agent. i finished all da missions and now im bored ): dude do ya know when they’re gunna put on more missions? cuz im so bored on there… i think i might quit and go back on runescape.com…….

  25. When is the next mission coming out i am dieing for it

  26. yo thanx for the cheats that really helped me go on my site and sign my guest book

  27. how do you beat mission 5

  28. i heard the next mission is the secret fur after that questions 4 a crab

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