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Polls Page

Sup penguins? Welcome to the polls page! Just comment what your answer is for the poll and I will count them! Here is a poll:

What is your favorite puffle and why?

1. Blue Puffle

2. Red Puffle

3. Pink Puffle

4. Black Puffle

5. Green Puffle

6. Purple Puffle

You can submit a maximum of two answers.


29 Responses to “Polls Page”

  1. Black and Purple puffle!
    Keep Chillin!

  2. Black and red puffles.
    cool maxed play.

  3. pink cause its my fave color

  4. black puffle

  5. black and green

  6. i like the black puffle

  7. black

  8. Spike… How Do U Make Animations… Plus Its Me Cooolieo And Im Banned Forever Just To Let U Know… Im Capzsas Friend… We Share This Site http://www.cooolieo.wordpress.com
    Email Me At Logster24@gmail.com Thx…

  9. black,green,purple puffle!

  10. red and purple

  11. I like the purple puffle!!! I think its fun when you feed them

  12. red and black puffle i llike their super play

  13. green puffles, they fly

  14. i luv the blak and the purpl puffle cuz they make tornadoze.

  15. green and purple for sure

  16. i like black and pink cuz the black puffle skateboards and pink puffles looks so cute

  17. black and green puffle

  18. green black sup max play

  19. pink and purple

  20. pink and green

  21. the pink and the purple ones rock! they are my favorite colors

  22. black and red puffles

  23. all of them!
    there all so cute!

    love cerrii the famous penguin!

    c me in parka town

  24. black and redthey awsome

  25. yellow puffle cause it can do the flying thing! oh and its cool when you feed the yellow puffle a cookie. it throws the cookie up high in the air and it jumps and catches the cookie in its mouth!

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