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8 CP Pix & Animations


Click to see animation!

Here are some pix I took with/without other penguins:


Me, Destory25, and Prettybbz, in my igloo/ice castle.


Destory25 is WANTED!!!!!!


Kadu9876, and I are WANTED!


Chewitt Dude, and I, just hanging out!


I met Rockhopper!

Here is another pic:



American Idol meets CP 2007! Who will be the next AMERICAN IDOL?!


The Fire is just SO cool that I HAD to make an animation for you guys!


12 Responses to “8 CP Pix & Animations”

  1. How do you take pix?

  2. Can I help you too? I’d be so great there’d be a $1000000000000000 reward
    for me!

  3. Blake Will win cause He picks newer songs and puts a kick to it, and Jordin Sings older songs and Does not do anything to them.

  4. If you wanna know how to make pix or wanna help me, go to http://cpbuisness.wordpress.com

  5. actualy jordin won lol

  6. boo yah Jordin won!! take tht Blake

  7. great pix

  8. Cute pix!

  9. go to cpsecrets.wetpain.com it has funny pics

  10. im sorry i ment to say cpsecrets.wetpaint.com

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