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Pimp My Igloo!

Pimp My Igloo is a contest, and who ever wins the contest gives me their Username and Password, and I will go on their account. I will earn coins, buy stuff for them, decorate their igloo, and hopefully when they log on, it will be their DREAM IGLOO!

To get into the contest: To get into the contest, just comment that you would like to enter. I will pick a random penguin and will announce that penguin in a post at my home page. If you are the winner, comment in that post with your name and password, and I’ll make another post when I’m done with the winner’s igloo.


The contest ends 7/1/07.


32 Responses to “Pimp My Igloo!”

  1. that sounds cool i want to enter the contest

  2. i would like to enter the pimp my igloo contest.

  3. CICCONE39


  5. ill enter

  6. i wanna enter

  7. dude id love to inter

  8. ill enter

  9. can i please enter

  10. i really wanna entr plz????????

  11. I`d love to join! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLZZ PICK ME

  12. ill entr
    its sounds kl

  13. please please please let me enter

  14. Me Me Me pick me!

  15. Please let me enter again and please say something

  16. I would like to enter pimp my igloo

  17. me i will enter but i think u will take my account
    Spike6061’s Comment:
    Trust me! I already pimped two people’s accounts. Why would I ban yours? It would only make me look bad.

  18. i wish i could do it but i dont have a member penguin, >=(

  19. I like to enter

  20. i would be nice if u would

  21. hi! i am pucalicious’ best friend. honest! i want my igloo pimpd

  22. i no this penguin 15th hale hoo is mi frend hoo wud sieriously like 2 hav her igloo pimped!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hi i wanna enter my name is 0123op

  24. i will try this out

  25. you dude be a homi and trick out my igloo
    but some dubs
    heack ya

    Please mtv opps sorrey CP pimp my iglooooooooo PS: PPLLEEAASSEE

  26. Ill enter but im like not a member

  27. i will enter


  28. what if he steals your account you never know

  29. id really like to win because i want my house decorated

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