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Famous Penguins

If you wanna know some Famous Penguins, go to the CP Hall of Fame at:



17 Responses to “Famous Penguins”

  1. There are a lot of famous penguins ya know?! take for example prof. G. he’s soooooooooooo cool! he designs everything 4 club penguin! or how about rockhopper? he sails the seven seas and always comes back with stories and free items for us unfamous penguins! how nice is that?! GO TO CLUB PENGUIN! PLAY IT! YOU WONT REGRET IT……i promise. look for me there – kitkatgirl37! ill be your friend anytime! and i can help u out on secret missions, finding pins, giving tours and lots more! oh, and 1 more thing…SPIKE6061 IS REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY…COOL!

  2. Kitkatgirl37-I can’t add him to the CP Hall of Fame because he dosn’t have like a blog or anything. Billybob could be on there, but he is basically the one who created club penguin. So what’s the point?

  3. 1 question-
    is da penguin band reel? they dont hav any names or player cards. and frankly, the xpressions they hav on there faces are a little scay. u no wut i meen?
    Spike6061’s Comment:
    Yea. The CP band is just apart of Club Penguin like T.V.s.

  4. what server do you go on?

  5. u know vital viper? well in real life heez like a grown guy.
    hoo new? and that penguin band IS starting 2 creep me out a lil

  6. I go usually go on the servers: Mammoth, & Parka!

  7. will you meet me somtime on cp ive been getting on your site for atleast 2yrs. and i think your awesome and i just really want to meet you some time and where on cp do you uasally hang out

  8. I FOUND HOLAGURRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i think oagalthorp should be in the cp hall of fame

  10. i saw vitalviper and he actually asked to be my buddy isnt that WEIRD?
    but i got deleted lol

  11. I havent met ANY Famous Penguin before 😦 So i’m going to end each sentence with a 😦 I havent even met ROCKHOPPER!! 😦

  12. Ryanrocks201 is famous TRUST ME HES ALWAYS ON AND HE CAN START PARTYS VERY FAST ive herd some penguins call me the party penguin serious if u find Ryanrocks201 on cp on either husky or mammoth and if u find him youll others saying yahu ur the party penguin dude!! serious no lies MEET ME ON THERE SEE FOR URSELF!!!! and put me on famous list…im only on 1 list…this is FISHPASTE!

  13. No one actually thinks 25fluffy9 is popular. Well, HE IS! So get that threw ur hed!!! Hes mostly on mamoth and he is in dark ops. so wanna meet him? You’ll find him in newusaves iglo. ALSO HE IS BLUE GHOST FLUFFY! YOULL HEAR PEOPLE CHANT HIS NAME ONCE IN A WHILE good luck finding him!

  14. lol ive ment rockhopper twice in a row with two penguins 1 member 1 nonmember but this is the nonmember of corse because im not stupid enough to do that lol.ive also ment a lot of others like Angelblue47,Angelgreen47 and drakerox12. they are some the people who ive ment on cp and figered out that they where from my school and now where best friends. how odd lol. BBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hi i think im famous because i make vids and i have a wordpress!

  16. hi im kinda famous lol my user is nickman456 and icool456 you guys should check out my site

    google search


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