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CP Lottery!!!!!!

Sup penguins? Need coins? Enter the CP LOTTERY!!!!!! Just comment that you would like to enter, and if you get chosen, you can give me your Username and Pass, and I’ll get you the coins!

Current coins offered: 300,000!


72 Responses to “CP Lottery!!!!!!”

  1. i would like 2 entr

  2. here a few of my friends wanted to enter
    note i have their pass
    fizy bubble
    boy friday

  3. i would like to enter

  4. ill enter

  5. I would also like to enter

  6. CICCONE39

  7. i would love to inter!!!!!!!!

  8. I would like to enter

  9. i wanna enter

  10. i would like to enter.
    P.S.if i win ill give u the user and pass on bribble.

  11. I would like to join. Please let me join.

  12. ME, ME , ME! ENTER ME IN CP LOTTERY NOW!!!(please?!?)

  13. Please can i join

    i am in the negatives i am so broke

  14. I really need coins! My usernames are 7pengie7 and It777. Neither aer members but don’t ug me about it.

  15. ME ENTER ME I ONLY HAVE LIKE 50 COINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ITS SAD IM A MEMBER WITH ONLY 50 COINS!!! : ( : ( : (

  16. i would like to enter!
    xo monni ox
    chub z123

    i own both of those accounts!

  17. I want to enter!!
    Thanks, Peanut00716

  18. i would like to enter my name is 0123op

  19. Can I enter Please

  20. I want to enter

  21. i really would like to enter and win

  22. hey its me rjcarter i’d like to enter and if i win i’ll tell u my pass on cp

  23. i wanna enter!

  24. i really want to win this

  25. hey!!!!! Thats cool wat ur doin id love to join im nate28 send me an email to wakeboardnate1@charter.net Tell me how u get to give away 10 000 coins to anyone! SEE YA MAN!

  26. I would like to enter:



  27. I want to love to enter I need the coins

  28. i am not entering because i think your going to get me banned
    but my mate wants to enter there user name is: superdoctor

  29. i have a person i would like to enter isaac55.

  30. i wanna enter!!!!!!!!

  31. Me Me Me

  32. ya i am entering!

  33. can i joi plzz i am broke plzzz:(

    From Your Fan
    Teoh Kay

  34. yea ill give it a shot, ill join

  35. Hey man !!!!!! ill enter Nate28 in the snowboard server

  36. i want to enter

  37. ill join 2 ill email u my pas and usa name ok ? kk

  38. i would love to enter i seriously need coins here are my penguins:lafftar and

  39. oh me pick me plz I need heaps of money

  40. i want 2 enter!

  41. never mind un-enter me, i know how to get that many coins now

  42. I want to join my penguin is 0123op

  43. hi i’ll enter on snowfire24

  44. can i join.

  45. i kno pucalicious plz ntr me
    u rok spike

  46. cool site, i want to enter
    penguin name hello m0to

  47. pplz pick me ill enter

  48. i will enter my penguins name is onie24789

  49. lol i’ll enter my penguins name is Dateline Nbc

  50. sup beany its specil k if ur the beany i have as a friend cool and enter me to

  51. I would like to enter…my username on CP is macberry

    I would also like to enter…icy1018

    And cutiepie9806..

    These are not all my accounts some are my friends..and I entering them so I can surprise them.(I have there pass tho.)

  52. Can I enter? I wanna win so bad. Hope this is good. I hope i’m the lucky person.

  53. I am so entering!
    I only have like 3 coins!!!
    Please you’ve gotta help me!
    Im so bad at the games!
    My peng. name is Ytorr

  54. And Master Man78 wants to join too

  55. i dont need coins but if you go to my website i have a way that can get you infidity coins if you enter in the lottery

  56. name maninblack57
    pass black
    thax u rock i hope i win it would be fun

  57. plz pick me my penguin name is baghdaddies i have his pass but aint tellin it oh aand by the way its a member too i need some plz spike to impress my bbe plz pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  59. i wanna enter my penguin name is greatpie4

  60. ok i could use some $$$$$$$$$$

  61. Ok ill join this rocks

  62. I wish to enter the cp lottery &win the amount of money you wish to offer!

  63. enter me please m8 plz man let me

  64. Icee and Me is the name
    Entering is my game

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