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CP Hockey

Sup penguins? I will arrange a CP hockey tournament! I will make dates/times and whoever shows up can choose what team they wanna be on, and then we will start the game! There should be at least 4 players on each team. I will put the game time 10 min. earlier than the time we will start the game so we will have enough players, and people on the team can practice. While the two teams play the game, both teams and I will be on bribble so we can start, stop, and check if it is a goal or not. My bribble is: http://flash.bribble.com/group.html?port=30733

There will also be cheerleaders and there should be at least 4 for each team. Cheerleaders don’t need to be on my Bribble.

Keep Chillin!



38 Responses to “CP Hockey”

  1. nice! cp hockey is da best!

  2. ill be on ur team spike. as a player

  3. hey spike can i be a player for the cp islanders

  4. me too for the islanders dude!

  5. hey this is tutter123 saying ill be the first player for the cp rangers. the uniform will be: penguin color=black
    uniform=hocky helmet,ski goggles,blue scarf,brown CP jacket,black sneakers, and a hockey stick

  6. Yo spike which team r u. Can i be on the CP rangers… and by the way if ur not on my team ur DOOMED! =) HA HA HA RAZER RY 98

  7. Hi spike i would like to be on the cp islanders team as a cheerleader!!


    GO TEAM!

  8. Yo, Razer Ry, I’m on the Islanders!

  9. Can I be a player for the islanders?

  10. actully the islanders!

  11. dude your goin down… u may run it but ur goin down… ive been a uma spy(for u at least) long enough to no how to play hockey

  12. hey spike6061 great idea, can I join your hockey team?

  13. hey spikei i want to be the first player on cp devils i will tellyou the uniform on bribble my user is zainy71

  14. ill just tell uniform here .Blue cape,blue snikers,gold viking helmet ,hokey stick,night vision gogles,and red hockey t shirt .color:blue and red .(cheer leaders wear red hockey shirt and pom poms.)

  15. can i join urs spike pliz the islanders o pretty piz

  16. can i join urs spike pliz the islanders o pretty piz

  17. Hey Spike dude put me in the Rangers team as Birshi.

  18. Hey spike i want to be on the CP Devils

  19. hey spike sorry i haven’t been on in a while but im back and id like to join the cp islanders. if not then id like to join the cp devils.



  20. Can I be on the CP Penguins??????????

  21. As a cheerleader or a player i dont care


  23. Spike
    plz can i be a member of the lightings group plz thnx

  24. dun dun dun dun dun

  25. Hi i want to part of the cp islanders
    cheerleaders thanks bye

  26. can i be for the cp flyers im crissangel00 you know me you got me 1000000 coins

  27. i want to be a defender on the penguins

  28. Hi!! My Club Penguin name is Coolmaninsan. I would love to be on the Cp Penguins.

  29. Hi spike can i be a cheerleader for theCP islanders?


  31. hey i am the captain of a hockey team called the mammoth miners i just started it so we dont got a lot of players but as soon as we get our first and second line filled up i wanna play one of your teams in a game and im center for line 1 yay!!!

  32. Can 1 of your teams challenge my team the MHP?

  33. I will be cp hurricanes first player.
    colors: blue
    uniform: blue viking helmet, blue roller skates, night vision goggles, blue cape

  34. instead of night goggles, swim goggles.
    ice cream apron.
    blue floaties

  35. hey im rmstick and i’d like to join the cp devils. thanxs i own in hockey in real life

  36. cool i will be there

  37. Can i be a cheerleader??

  38. hmmm…when’s th game? did i miss it? i wanted to be a cheerleader…or maybe a player…lol

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