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September 22, 2007

Sup penguins? It’s me spike6061! After I quited CP, I searched around the web for another virtual world. Toontown popped up, and I tried it out. It was so cool I’m now addicted to it and within 1 week I was begging my Dad to become a “Official Citizen” or a Member, and he took […]

I’m Back

August 14, 2007

Sup guys. I’m quiting Club Penguin. I hate it now. There is nothing to do on Club Penguin, except on Updates. After that day, it basically goes back to normal. I’ll have my Admin. take over my website. Sorry but Club Penguin is a virtual world. Not your life. I’ll go on Club Penguin every Friday, […]

Rockhopper’s Back!!!!!!

July 27, 2007

Sup penguins? Rockhopper’s back!!!!!! Here’s a pic of me and his ship, the migrator! Rockhopper brought cool stuff today! Here’s a pic: The only bad thing is a really think Rockhopper is in the server Parka cause it’s full. Here’s a pic: You can’t get in the server! The server is full either because Rockhopper’s […]

Furniture Catalog & Igloo Catalog!

June 15, 2007

Sup penguins? There are really cool new stuff in the furniture catalog, but there are no new secrets! Same with the Igloo catalog, no new secrets, just an added bamboo floor to it. At least the Summer Party is still on! Stay Cool! -Spike6061


May 6, 2007

Ask CP to unban Mod189. You can send them and E-Mail at support@clubpenguin.com. All you have to do is say: Can you please unban Mod189? In a more creative way.

Club Penguin Yearbook!

April 1, 2007

If you want to be in the yearbook, E-Mail me or Instant Message me with a time, date, server, and place. Everyone get’s a preview of the page! I need penguins to be in the yearbook! Only have one so far! Viking Gang Members! Look at the post before this one! 8)


March 22, 2007

The Golden Viking Helmet won’t be here next month! Here is a pic:   Is this because the gift shop has no money? It was in the newspaper. Hope they find the money! Same thing with the sport shop! -Spike6061

Viking Spys!

March 20, 2007

If you are a Viking Gang member, a spy, and realize that you are not on the Viking Gang page anymore, E-Mail me at spike6061@optonline.net for the password for the page “the Viking Gang’s Spys”, and tell me your username too. I had a feeling the Romans may have been spying on us and said to myself “let’s not […]


March 11, 2007

Club Penguin has fixed some of the cheats you can do such as: Doing the moonwalk, walking on the lighthouse walls(takes you like 5 times to do it), walking on the water(also takes you about 5 times to get it right), nubbing, walking with the newspaper, dancing with the newspaper, and more. This is some BAD NEWS! […]

Feb. 19th, the festival of snow gone!

February 19, 2007

The festival of snow has ended, and the next major upcoming events are: Master clock of club penguin finished Feb. 23rd Clothing catalog March 2nd