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Spike6061 a.k.a. Spikedude! Earliest updated blog! Motto: Cooler than absolute 0!

About me (Spike6061)


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My penguin name is Spike6061, and I know all of the secrets in cp(club penguin), and a lot of cheats. I know how to/know: all the secret places, how to do the secret missions for secret agents, I know clothing catalog secrets, furniture catalog secrets, and more!

I am usually on the servers: I am usually on both servers: Mammoth and Parka. I usually go on Mammoth, but my favorite server is Parka.

You can most likely find me at: You can most likely find me at the Ski Lodge because that is my favorite place.

Here is a pic of me:


Here is the link to the picture of my Igloo:


My Logo:


My favorite pin is: The fire pin

I can be known as: Spike, Spike6061, Spikedude (BRIBBLE name), and Spikedude6061.

Contact me:

You can E-Mail me at spike6061@optonline.net, or spikerox6061@hotmail.com.

I also have a screenname, and it is spike6061(obviously).

My other penguins: Spikedude01, Socceruelz, Dj Spikedude, Spike Homie, Ny Rox(I share it with someone), Dude6061, Ny Dude, Wazup6061, Yankeesrox(I share it with someone), Waz Up 6061(I share it with someone), Psprox(I share it with someone), Wazupman(I share it with someone), Ferrari6061(I share it with someone), and Bigbob17(I share it with someone).

If you wanna share a penguin with me, make a penguin, and E-Mail me at spike6061@optonline.net with the username, and pass.



28 Responses to “About me (Spike6061)”

  1. Hy spike,
    How do I make my own website as cool as your’s

  2. you’r cool spikedude

  3. what is clubpenguins e-mail adress

    Spike6061’s Comment:

  4. N by the way my meeb is you know Mastergenius

  5. lol you are awesome i wish u were like my bro lol

  6. spike6061 thinks nijsa dont exits in club penguin u know wat i belevie that i have prove of the ninjas. just visit my site and click on tipping the ice berg and ninjas. they sent me an email

  7. hey spike like my new avatar?

  8. hi spike

  9. Hi Spike,
    You know an easier way to do the coin hack??

  10. oh nevermind,
    I dont want to have that with the coin hack so dont answer that one


  11. spike how do u do the robot

  12. i’m not banned forever any more it said i was banned forever but now i ain’t

  13. I just wanna say… u rock bro! but really, i want a broda and i wish it was u , man! u r da best guy ever known in the universe!!!!!

  14. You need the clown costume. Then you do the do special dances with nothing on glitch.

  15. SPIKE I HAVE A SCREEN NAME TOO ITS ON aim and my screen name is SPEEDYDUDE102

  16. Yo, spike. June is a new month and u no wat dat means, new stuff! wat u mostly excited for?

  17. My birthday! Lol! My birthday and the new clothing catalog release is on June 1st, and I really want to see the new clothing catalog.

  18. o srry spike. i didnt see it. Happy Birthday!

    🙂 😉

  20. Cool Site!

    ~SOLI3L ♥
    *check out my site at:*

  21. Yo Spike DUDE you rock i sent u an emailif you could help me advertise for my site and if we coul dmeet i just have always wanted to meet one of the coolest guys on cp yep i mean u

  22. spike you are in great danger i went to this blog and this penguin name hi yo guy got banned! because clubpenguin found his site! and it could happened to anyone including the top ten famous penguin!

  23. hey I have a screen name for AIM

    Its Gloshiono of course!

  24. kool site

  25. Don’t worry man!

  26. I want to be ur friend
    -208920mewmew (aka Cp Cyrus)

  27. add rockhopper i know his msn e-mail rockhopper_support@hotmail.com

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