Spikedude’s Club Penguin Site
Spike6061 a.k.a. Spikedude! Earliest updated blog! Motto: Cooler than absolute 0!


Sup penguins? I got 150,000 hits and that means: PARTY!!!!!!

Server: Australian Server Outback

Where: Nightclub, Pizza Parlor, Forest, Cove and my Igloo

When: Friday at 4:00 PST

Gift: Anyone that shows up/Comes to the party will recieve 50,000 coins! Just come to my party, and then E-Mail me at spike6061@optonline.net with your Username, and Password. Please E-Mail me after the party.

Keep Chillin!



2 Responses to “Party!”

  1. hey spike its Specil K go to my web blog and see if there is any thing u can help me with it is specilk.wordpress.com u can leave a coment or e-mail me at cheez-it_master@hotmail.com

  2. You ‘re cool with your PARTY .Did you say 50,000coins ok you have me on but I’m not sosure about that.Because I have work to do .If you see me at the Night Club,I can join your party.

    Rocky Magma
    Good bye!

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