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Rockhopper’s Back!

Sup penguins? Rockhopper’s back, and he brought back an Eye Patch, Striped Overalls, Pirate Ships (Furniture Item) and Jolly Roger Flags (Furniture Item). There is even more boxes in the Lighthouse then before! RSS START SEARCHING! Cause so will I! The new pin is a Jellyfish. It’s in the Ski Lodge!

Keep Chillin!



7 Responses to “Rockhopper’s Back!”

  1. how do you get the bubz?
    Plz tel me!

  2. yo spike now that u got 150,000 views arnt u gana throw a party!

  3. LOL Dude i can tell your getting tired of posting and taking pics.lol see ya!


  4. What do you mean Bubz? O and Capzsa thanks for reminding me
    Keep Chillin!

  5. O those little dudes, Icyfire? I got them from: TheLordNick.com/Bubs
    Keep Chillin!

  6. hey spike are you going to open the player cards page???

  7. plzzzzzzzzzz go to my blog http://www.skatemore9.wordpress.com

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